Yacht broker - sale and purchase
at the pre-owned market
Our yachts:

UltraSail - brokerage

Only checked yachts. We work with sellers we know personally; we track the history of the boats.
We sell and buy yachts anywhere in the world. There are permanent representatives of our company in Czech Republic, France, Russia and Montenegro.
For the Bali catamarans and the Amel yachts, a 1-year warranty is possible.
It is possible to pre-sale preparation of the boat for the seller and additional equipping of the chosen yacht at the request of the buyer.
Full Service
Full support of the deal: from the organization of the yacht showing to the drawing up of the final documents. Assistance in choosing a flag and insurance.
The best prices! Our offers will always be the most profitable. We know how to determine the best prices for buying/selling boats.
  • We will sell your boat for the best price and on favorable terms.
  • We place yachts at the most popular and reputable brokerage sites.
  • We will select a boat for purchase according to your requirements and wishes.
Call or write to us for any questions:
Phone: +420 775 095 070
E-mail: brokerage@ultrasail.me